Sing Along
  • 我們大部份的聽力檔案都包含內建的 "歌詞", 也就是文字內容. 如果你使用的 mp3 播放機器或程式允許你在聽歌時一邊看到歌詞, 你就可以一邊聽一邊看到聽力的文字內容哦! 不過我們建議大家在聽第一遍時先不要看文字內容, 這樣就不會過度依賴閱讀文字來理解老外在說什麼, 才能真正達到訓練聽力的目的. 不要看文字, 先多聽幾遍, 等差不多大部份都懂時, 再來看文字確認及找出沒聽懂的字到底是哪些.

  • Most of our audio downloads include the "lyrics" part of the file. You can read along while listening to the audio in any application or device that can show the lyrics (such as iTunes and iPods.) But please listen first! Your eyes can take over and prevent you from learning how to hear the spoken English.

In addition to audio recordings, homework documents and recordings, and vocabulary recordings (which we make available to everyone,) our students also get a lesson workbook each class designed and written by Teacher Sammy.